Monday, July 7, 2008

The Book of Tim Video: Chapter 1

For Sam

This post is dedicated to Samwise Ginter. ENJOY!

Until next time keep fit and have fun!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Still Here..

Hey Everyone!

I know it's been about a month since I posted anything but I have been really busy with work and still getting setup here in Edmonton. It's been a really great first month and I am really looking forward to the next year.

The new Residence Manager started about three weeks ago so we have been busy planning staff training, move-in, and orientation. It's been hectic and sometimes very overwhelming but it's been great a experience thus far.

This past weekend I have just been prepping to go to the OACUHO Training Institute at Carleton University in Ottawa. I am pretty pumped as it will be my first professional conference so it should be an excellent learning experience. Ang will be there too so I am looking forward to hanging out and having a great time.

Today was rainy all day long and we have had two thunderstorms. I have been told that this is the most rain people have seen in Edmonton in a long time.

This is the view from the living room of my apartment. The weird towers are the main MacEwan campus and you can see the parkade in the bottom left hand corner and the Robbins Heath Centre on the right bottom corner. The rest is obviously downtown Edmonton. It's a pretty sweet view and it's nice to be right downtown.

This evening I walked to Subway with two of the summer rez staff as has become a habit of late. Kristy felt the need to document my brownie which was delicious and here is her abstract art on the subject:

Nothing says delicious like factory produced low fat brownies from some industrial park in New Jersey. Yesterday when we there though I noticed that Subway has started serving a Lobster sandwhich which looks a lot like the one they were serving in Nova Scotia when I was there. There is however one major difference. See if you notice the prices:

Yeah you are reading it right. 16.98$ for a footlong and 30.98$ for a footlong with double the lobster meat. Let me just make that clear. THIRTY FRAKING DOLLARS! When I was in Nova Scotia Lobster was 10.99$ a pound and I am are not going to find quality fresh lobster in a Subway sandwhich. It's going to be again some bag lobster from some lobster farm in the States. I think the fact that Subway is actually trying to sell a sub for 30$ is going to find themselves with a lot of lobster on their hands when this promotion is over. I love how the ad says Get Trapped by the Taste. Yes let us get trapped by the taste...and the the soul sucking morgage we will need to take out on all our houses in order to afford the frakin thing. I am fairly confident I could make myself a full out lobster dinner for less than that. Silly Rabbits! other news I am pleased to announce that the Book of Tim is transforming. Much like an Autobot the Book of Tim is coming into the 20th century and becoming a video blog. I still will post written entries every now and then but I am excited to share my beautiful face with the world!
My first video post will go up tonight and I am hoping to make a post each day of the conference about something new and exciting I have learned or done that day. Get ready like a Brian Adams song!
Until next time, keep fit and have fun!