Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come...

Hey everyone!

I know it's been well over a year since this blog has existed and that my entire audience has probably retired and gone off to do...well...whatever one does when they don't have my opinions to read anymore. At any rate, the other night I decided that it was time to re-launch the little blog that could. Back in the glory days of 2005/2006 elections were live blogged, professors were compared to B-List actors, things that drove me nuts were awarded for doing so, and every minute detail of my last year at Western was splayed forth on the world wild web for all those who cared to know the details.

In the time since those hallowed days much has changed and I would like to think my perspective on the world has aged like a fine bottle of wine. Gone forever are the wild days of ranting about things that annoy me. You won’t see a post here about how I hate this or that anymore…well…you might…but my language will be much more appropriate. I will continue to document the minute details of my life but with much less negativity. I am looking at this I suppose as a forum for discourse where my friends and others can comment on my thoughts and experiences. Some regular features you will see back include The Question of the Moment, People who Look Like B-List Celebrities, The Politics of Politics, and in a much more mature fashion and in a tribute to my Minion Lia: You Know What Really Sticks in my Craw.

Some new features I will be launching include Frak This: Battlestar Galactica from a Geeks Perspective, Adventures in Mediocre Cooking, AMC vs. Cineplex: An On-Going Saga, and various other subjects as they come to me. In the end however, you can be guaranteed that I will continue to be honest, current, and hopefully funny. I will write what comes to my mind and I want to raise the level of debate. I want to get people thinking and talking and I want to be able to expand my mind as well. I also am not opposed to the idea of other people contributing as well. If you think you could provide a regular feature to The Book of Tim feel free to send me an e-mail and we can discuss the deets.

Just as a warning to the wise though, if anyone chooses to post a comment these rules will apply:
A) If you flame me I will probably ignore you and for the purposes of keeping this thing professional and will probably delete it.

B) It’s fine to comment anonymously, but I also think people should stand by their words. It just invalidates the comment if there is no one there to back up the thought.

C) I encourage debates because I think the world is a better place when people give their opinion but insulting me doesn’t accomplish anything other than demonstrate your character and I can guarantee you that you will not get the reaction you are hoping for.

Finally, I hope the Book of Tim will be around of awhile. I really enjoyed writing and I know all of my friends loved the random shout-outs…especially Shelley! So to that end, I welcome you all back, bring your friends, and let’s… party!

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

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